by NOE

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NOE REMORSE Album Tracklist
01. Introduction - Easy Ignorance
02. Money and Blood
03. His Story
04. Handcuffs - Featuring Jim Jones and Redds
05. Da Look
06. The Price is Right
07. Broadway NOE
08. Clutches
09. Intermission
10. Streets is Missing You
11. Raise your Glass
12. So Wrong
13. Want War? Featuring Knatty
14. We City Boyz
15. Top of My Game
16. Mami Are You Listening Featuring Ms. Naz
17. The Beginning
18. Die Alone
19. ***BONUS TRACK***


released 26 August 2011



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NOE Baltimore, Maryland

NOE brings you the NOE REMORSE album.
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Track Name: 01. Introduction - Easy Ignorance
Intro - Easy Ignorance Lyrics:

Yea Hah!. Its the Baltimore Bangha Baby!!
I'm Back! (Yea) I ain't done makin history
I had to show'em man!! I had to show'em what you can do with just a
little tenacity.
A little discipline, You can put something together man, Somethin'
worth buyin!! Even though a lot of my niggas are still dyin!!
(Woo Woo.) I'm doin what I came to do
I'm doin what was written. Made to be the Boss man!!
Can't sit back and wait on other niggas to help your dreams come true!
Shit is garbage!! Sittin there foldin ya hands and shit. Hah!!
Yea Yea!!!

Who do like us
Get it in the street ,run through it like us
Nigga we them Pop Pop bang bang boyz. You niggas wanna eat? Come do it like us
Rubbin' on the suede roof in Masi
Killin' myself. Kamikaze
Makin ends it meet is a full time job to you. To me , makin money is a hobby
Nigga you ain't never seen shoes like this
Sippin on Glenn on the cruise like this
Nigga you aint never booked floors on the Hyatt and fuck black girls
in twos like this
Nigga before you depart earth
Gotta get the keys to new car first
Welcome to the crib. Excuse me bitch but can you take them shoes off first
Went from , livin witta aunt
Man I couldn't wait to sell that Galant
Now I wear alligator round the toes everywhere I walk sm.ell. j.ust like swamp.

Ha ha That's easy!!! Huh. I think what yawl don't understand man, is that I said nothing!! Kno I'm sayin!! Its easy to get on the microphone and say absolutely nothing!!!

But I say something. Listen to NOE REMORSE Lp. That's Life man. Ya dig!! Come spit how I spit. Live how I live. Walk how I walk. Then you judge me muthfucka. But until then , understand man, that ain't a nigga in this Rap game seein N.O.E!! Hands fuckn down nigga!!!
Track Name: 03. His Story
His Story Lyrics:
Porche Carrera horses like Pegesus
Knew I was hustlin before but it was never this
Cuz now I sit back witta rubber banded thick stack
Diversified the interest investin all the kickback
I had on navy blue Armani when I meant the broker
I moved my hustle into daytime respect to Oprah
I'm like a phoenix from the ash wearin heated wings
And cruise the same streets I conquered and defeated kings
I was bred to be a boss and allude the reaper
Emptied pockets on the block praise who ever's deeper
Shoulda knew the game was cyanide but I swallowed hard
20thou a day but still I should've followed God
But where was God at
And my Christian lovin heart at
Because the need to own the city was the only thing I fought at
I still remember pourin acid in a plaster bucket
To keep the yaina from the cops so whatever fuck it!!

Verse 2
Rope the money rope the money Rope the money stream
Wash the money , buy some land and keep the money clean
Granted. Done tasted every wine on half the planet
I'm still Goliath in the hood. Try to overstand it
I tried to mingle wit the ballers and the law colliders
I peeped haters and the way they tried to ostracize us
Fuckem I'm a commodity without the smoochin
A real gee can move a powder ki without the shootin
I showed the streets that I could eat, without recoupin
I grew tall, She can suck it all without the stoopin
Taught my puppies how to bite and grew crazy richer
I keep the whole hood in AWw like a baby picture
My name is heavy I can feel t when hear the wind
I gotta loyal CPA to tell me where to spend
You're a minor I've been runnin wit some major men
You gon fail if you let the gutta cage ya in

Noble Drew tried to tell me but I barely hear it
Farrakhan smashed the corporate and you niggas fear it
I'm a an Old Moorish National I own the water
I transported bricks of yaina like. I Owned the border
Stash boxes in the van witta loaded toast
And bullets raining out to anyone who owed the gross
It had to be that. A debt could end ya nickel keepin
So I don't hestitate to leave a niggas nipples leakin
The rules are mine I enforce
So I'm standin on em
Everybody's tough until you pull that cannon on em
Then they wad up wit all the shit they brought up
Realizin. Blood can make a crazy nigga hard up
Well Imma nocturnal pyscho I keep a boner
Life's a bitch until you cop the lastest features on her
It aint rap its the pain in the beat I'm pluckin
It aint a raised thermostat its the heat Im tuckin

I'm takin you everything you got bitch and leavn nothing
And mash the pedals in the M3 cheeba puffin